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As You Like It

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An orchard in Oliver’s house

A lawn before the Duke’s palace

A room in the palace

The Forest of Arden

Before Oliver’s house

Another part of the forest


Duke Senior                    The rightful duke living in the Arden forest

Duke Frederick              Duke Senior’s power-grabbing brother

Amiens, Jaques             Duke Seniors’ attending lords

Orlando, Oliver,            Sons of Sir Rowland de Boys

Jaques de Boys

Rosalind                           Duke Senior’s daughter

Celia                                  Duke Frederick’s daughter

Le Beau                            Frederick’s attending courtiers

Charles                             A wrestler attending Frederick

Dennis, Adam                Oliver’s servants

Touchstone                     A clown whose presence prompts people to reveal their true qualities

Sir Oliver Martext         A vicar

Corin, Silvius                  Shepherds

Audrey                              Country wench

William                             Country fellow

Hisperia                            Celia’s gentlewoman

Hymen                              Greek god of marriage

Phebe                                Shepherdess

Minor Characters          Lords, pages, attendants, forester

As You Like It


Written about 1599-1600

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