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As You Like It

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 Essay Questions and Topics

1. Often, Shakespeare’s characters fall in love

the moment they first lay eyes on each other.

In As You Like It, Rosalind is smitten by

Orlando and Oliver falls for Celia. Explain

whether you think people really can fall in

love at first sight or this is temporary phe-

nomena which may or may not evolve into a love that can last a lifetime.

2. What is the basis for the rift between Oliver and Orlando. Is it justified or have the two fallen into a trap and position from which they cannot see clearly enough to extricate themselves?

3. Rosalind disguises herself as Ganymede, also the name of a figure in Greek mythology. Who was Ganymede in Greek literature and why did Shakespeare choose this mythic figure for Rosalind to cloak herself in?

4. Despite their perpetual enmity, Orlando rescues Oliver from a lioness in the forest. What motivates him to do this, since if he did not act, he might then realize all his own desires?

5. As with so many of Shakespeare’s other works, the audience accepts all the mishaps and plot turns and twists. What dramatic principle allows audiences to do that even though it’s barely plausible in real life?

As You Like It


Written about 1599-1600

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