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The Histories

Shakespeare wrote 10 history plays. Although some of Shakespeare’s tragedies were historic in nature (such as Antony and Cleopatra and Julius Caesar) and most of the histories are tragic in their own right, these plays focus on the history of the English monarchy mostly in medieval times and the Middle Ages.

Historically accurate, the plays often examine the role of leadership, loyalty, duty, and honor among family and countrymen. The relationships are often strained as duty to country and family often clash at home while the nobility are clashing with their enemies at home and abroad.

Henry IV Part I

Henry IV Part II

Henry V

Henry VI Part I

Henry VI Part II

Henry VI Part III

Henry VIII

King John

Richard II

Richard III Henry IV Part I Overview Henry VI Part III Overview Henry IV Part II Overview Henry V Overview Henry VI Part I Overview Henry VI Part II Overview Henry VIII Overview King John Overview Richard II Overview Richard III Overview

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