The Complete Shakespeare Experience    

Shakespeare Festivals Worldwide

The Bard’s work is celebrated in more than 90 countries. Here’s a listing of the festivals near you.                                                           Read more >

Shakespeare’s First Folio

The First Folio was the first published collection of Shakespeare’s works authorized by the playwright.

Royal Shakespeare Company

The standard-bearer in Shakespearean theater, the RSC has been performing since 1875.                                                         Read more >

Shakespeare Scholars

Scholars devote their entire careers to studying Shakespeare’s brilliant canon. Read about some of the most renowned.               Read more >

Shakespeare in Film

Filmmakers have been putting Shakespeare’s work on the big screen since the earliest days of filmmaking.

Shakespeare in Opera

Even the world of opera pays tribute to the greatest playwright of all time. Dozens of operas have been composed based on Shakespeare’s plays.

Shakespeare in Video

From the earliest days of television to online videos, Mr. Shakespeare’s plays have been produced and broadcast to enrich the lives of viewers worldwide.

A World of


Shakespeare’s Theaters

If “The play’s the thing,” the theater is where that thing happens. Learn about Elizabethan theaters.                                Read more >

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (Renovated) in London, England.