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hakespeare’s plays have been made into movies and many theatrical performances have been recorded for broadcast on television. Hundreds of sketches have been performed on countless TV shows and everyone from The Beatles to Broadway’s most famous actors have gladly taken to the stage to perform some of Shakespeare’s works.

The Beatles took their turn at Shakespeare in honor of the

Bard’s 400th birthday by performing on a BBC show in 1964.

Romeo and Juliet (complete play in 13 parts) (1954),

Directed by Renato Castellani, starring Laurence Harvey as

Romeo andSusan Shentall as Juliet, with an introduction by

Sir John Gielgud

Much Ado About Nothing (Canadian Broadcast Company

Production of the Stratford, Ontario television production,

1987, in 14 parts)

Macbeth starring Dame Judi Dench (later M in the James

Bond films, Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, and Die

Another Day) in the 1979 Trevor Nunn production of the

Royal Shakespeare Company performance.

King Lear, Act II, Scene II, starring Sir Laurence Olivier

(also The Bounty and The Boys from Brazil ), 1983,

directed by Michael Elliott

Hamlet, Act III, Scene I, “To Bleed or Not to Bleed,”

music video interpretation by the Metal Shakespeare Company.

The Tempest (BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales in

three parts)

The Winter’s Tale (BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales

In three parts)

Hamlet (BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales in three parts)

Romeo and Juliet  (BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales in

three parts)

Macbeth (BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales in two parts)

The Taming of the Shrew (BBC Shakespeare Animated

Tales (In four parts)

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